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Beat The Stuttering



I don't remember when it started. My parents said to me that it was near 3-4 years after my birth. And potential reason was a long set of diseases which made me very weak. 




I had about 30 classes. Each of them was 3 hours long. If it's appropriate for you method, you'll feel the result after first ten classes. Each class was conducted in a group of 10-15 the same students. Each class had a similar structure, it was a combination of different exercises for different goals.





This exercise was a very similar to "Strelnikova Breething Exercises". It was a modification ising by not only nose breaths, but also a mouth breath. Each attempts has 5 different exercises with 50 nose sniffs and 50 mouth sniffs. Totally 5 * (50 + 50) = 500 breaths. You should do it two times on a daily basis with first month target = 1000 breaths per day and with second month target = 2000 breaths per day.